UX Product/Service Research and Design

I’m an experience specialist.  I strive to make on screen and physical experiences useful and usable.  I help businesses create and understand their strategic vision and align business requirements with user goals to increase profits and reduce cost.

I lead evidence based UX projects which means that I research, prototype and test [..and repeat].  I speak both business and design to win hearts and minds.

With a background in interaction design and product development I believe in engagement and finding ways to create relationships by truly understanding service users habits, culture and motivation. As an industrial designer turned software and service professional I hate things that just don’t work the way they should.  I’ve been practising user centred design and innovation in the digital space for a considerable time, delivering full lifecycle projects for clients internationally.

Whilst UX is not all about deliverables, here are a few to help represent recent projects.

Workforce mobilisation using IOS devices for National Grid Plc
Designing a series of complex IOS and desktop time management solutions.   Html 5 user interfaces integrating with SAP backend services. 
Redesigning service propositions- National Grid Plc  Online customer self service via customer research, user journeys etc etc….. 
Transforming digital engagement in the public sector.
User Experience and Service design- UK Governments National Apprenticeship Service. Introducing innovation and design thinking into complex systems, with  multi faceted stakeholder and policy objectives needs to start in one place. Understanding user needs and motivations.  It’s key to engagement on any platform- the rest follows.

Giving everyone a voice and a shared vision.
Experience planning.  A User Experience Framework for leading grocery and supermarket retailer Waitrose, shows opportunity, insight and a few surprises .  How do you reduce the amount of strawberries returned to store and make massive savings?  How do you get customers shopping faster and smarter.  My work shows how and sets a clear direction.

Understanding the customer journey and removing barriers transforms this digital engagement and slashes cost.
Business Extranets and Claim Management System for Bupa, one of the worlds most respected financial services organisations.  Leading their largest international digital transformation project to date.

Provide value, expertise and trust and become part of your customers life. User Journeys and content mapping For Bupa Australia.  

User Experience for Sky Living

User Experience for Lbi