Flattr is a really interesting micro payment system for monetising social media for content owners.  It could add up nicely.

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Geo tagging boosted with twitter places

Our friends at twitter have integrated geo location that now allows users to drill down to find tweets from specific locations.  There is integration with gowalla and foursquare’s check in feature.  This is really quite a big event as it offers both great opportunities as well as threats for those who are underperforming.

Lets face it if I get a feed that the food and service is bad in the restaurant as I wait at the bar I’m going somewhere else.   Probably to the one down the street that is offering a tweeted discount.  Leisure and retail, look out.   It may take a while to take off but the data this may offer could be incredible.

Arab Women are digitally savvy, confirms new survey commissioned by anaZahra.com

A new study confirms that Arab women are highly proficient in their use of the internet: 71% of the women participating in the study belong to a social networking site; 66% connect with friends online on daily basis; 83% access the internet from home; 34% spend online at least 10 hours a week, and 45% read articles and magazines online.

The findings come from a study commissioned by anaZahra.com, a new portal dedicated to the modern Arab woman launching next month, created by Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC).

Full story by Samer@Jazarah

Disney sell tickets through facebook

The New York Times reports :
LOS ANGELES — The Walt Disney Company has created what it believes is a first-of-its-kind application allowing Facebook users to buy tickets to “Toy Story 3” without leaving the social networking site and while, at the same time, prodding their friends to come along.
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